Weekend Recap

Hey guys! I thought posting a little weekend recap would be a fun way to update you guys on what I did this weekend. Saturday John and I had a bunch of errands to go run - we had a few returns, had to find a tv stand, and get our grocery shopping done for the upcoming week. We stopped at our favorite lunch spot, Chipotle and got our regular burrito bowls (sooo good)! We ended up getting this bookcase to use as a tv stand in the color Espresso. It's so nice to finally have the tv set up in the living room now too. Now we just need to find little decorations and things to fill in the shelves.
On Sunday, we had a few chores to get done around the house. I also went and laid out by the pool for a bit. It has been FOREVER since I have been tan at all so it felt so good. Then I came back and did a few school assignments that were due. I cannot wait until I am all done with my Stats class. If you want to keep up with my daily outfits, home posts, and beauty products be sure to follow me on LiketoKNOW.it where I post daily!

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