How I Save Money for Designer Items

I have been obsessed with handbags ever since I was 9 or 10 when my parents bought me my first designer bag. It was a purple Dooney and Bourke bag with the rainbow logo all over it that was a mini version of my mom's purse. I was in love with it and took it everywhere I could. Since then I have had several designer bags - Dooney and Bourke, Coach, Michael Kors, Kate Spade and my latest purchase a Louis Vuitton bag. I would say about 90% of the bags I have gotten over the years have been gifts and only more recently have I started to purchase my own designer bags and accessories. 

Purses and even the accessories like wallets and card holders can be very expensive. So I wanted to share some tips and things I have done in order to afford these items. 

Eating out in general can be so, so expensive! Of course the price of eating out can vary depending on where you eat but even with an average of let's say $10 a day for lunch at the end of the work week that's $50! Bringing lunch from home can save so much money.

Now this one is definitely easier said than done, especially because I am not a coffee drinker so this one does not personally apply to me. I know coffee is only a few dollars but a few dollars each week over time can really add up.

I would say a majority of my own purchases are not usually made with cash but there are those times when I have cash on me. Save the change! You may think oh its only $0.95 but if you save all the change from every purchase over a period of time it adds up. My boyfriend and I have used this tip alone to buy tickets to hockey games or pay for date nights and its always nice because it feels like it was "free". 

Being a part of the blogging world and following other bloggers who are constantly posting about new clothes and trends can make it very tempting to spend money on things you don't necessarily need. To be totally honest with you a majority of the clothing items I buy are on sale. I don't really like paying full price for clothing items just because I feel like why not wait a week or two until it goes on sale and get it then. And then even sometimes once that week or two has gone by I don't even want the item anymore. So I feel like this one is a win-win situation.

I feel like this tip goes along with the previous one somewhat. By compare items I mean if there is a handbag that your really want ask yourself how bad do I want this pair or shoes or would I rather put the money for these shoes towards a bag. 

These tips have helped me be able to afford buying designer items and I hope they will help you as well. If you have any other tips for saving up for more expensive items leave a comment below!

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