DIY Polaroid Picture Frame

Hey everyone! I shared a post on my Instagram page earlier this week that had shown the Polaroid picture frame I created. I know you can buy frames that are made for the polaroid pictures but they're like $40 and this way cost roughly about $10!

What you need:
picture frame
polaroid pictures
poster board

We got the picture frame from IKEA so it was super inexpensive, I picked up a poster board from the store to use as the background for the pictures  (I just cut it to the size of the frame), then after that I just taped the pictures in place. 

I was a little nervous to put tape on the back of the pictures because I was afraid I would mess them up so I did a ton of searching online to make sure it was okay to do. 

This is the end result! I thought it was perfect for this corner of the living room, it will also be fun to update or add another frame over time filled with more pictures we take. 

What's your opinion?