Hey guys! I’m back again with this weeks popular items.

These shoes just released last week and I thought they were so cute! I also have the low top white multi heart ones and the high top black ones too from the CDG collections. 

I posted this photo after doing a DIY Polaroid picture frame for above the chair, the DIY was super easy to do and a great way to display some of the Polaroid pictures I have. I’ll make a post all about how to do it and what I used! This papsan chair from Pier 1 was a popular item as well and the cushion is super soft and comfy.

The last two items for this week are two card games. We’ve been doing game nights once a week lately and had picked up these two. We play regular UNO all the time but had never seen the flip version and wanted to try it. We had also never played Cards Against Humanity before, this was a really fun one to play with friends.

That’s all for this weeks popular items, if you have any card game recommendations please leave them in the comments down below!

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