This weekend we took a quick little trip over to Orlando. The guys wanted to try to hit some vintage/thrift stores and then the outlet mall. We didn’t have a lot of success with the thrift stores like we thought we would be we also didn’t have time to go to all of them.

We got there Friday night and stopped at Blake Shelton’s new restaurant Ole Red. I ordered the hot chicken biscuit and tater tots, we also ordered the corn bread for our appetizer. It was so so good and the atmosphere was so fun. After that we headed to the hotel for a late check in.

Saturday morning we got up and went to this place called @ the diner. When we were looking up the hotels I actually found it on google maps and the food looks incredible! Here’s a pic of my pancakes. They were amazing, I would highly recommend giving them a try if you’re in the area. 

After that we hit a few thrift/vintage stores and then headed to the outlets. I think the only thing I bought was a new pair of shoes because my slip on vans are looking really bad, lol. After we did some shopping at the outlets we headed over to Disney Springs. We did a little more shopping here and then ate at Planet Hollywood. John and I had never been but our friends have gone multiple times so we gave it a try. We ordered the chicken tostados for an appetizer and then I got the chicken wings and he got the baby back ribs. 

We did a little more walking around after dinner and then headed home when it started raining. It was a quick trip but it was a lot of fun and nice to have a little getaway. 

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