We spent Labor Day Weekend in Miami, this was our first time ever going which is kinda crazy because its only a 4-5 hour drive away from us. We stayed at The Confidante on South Beach and it was so nice. I LOVEEE the beach and loved being able to get up in the mornings before the sun came up to watch the sunrise. 

This is probably my favorite sunrise picture I got while we were there. The water was so blue and clear in person. 

We stayed at the Confidante on South Beach, there are sooo many hotels on the beach there so it was a little overwhelming when we were looking online. I went to Instagram and Pinterest and looked up travel guides and The Confidante was a popular choice. The rooms had an eclectic style and there was a ton of artwork through out the lobby area. The outside pool area is what really sold me on booking this hotel. 

This was one of the pool areas, there were tons of chairs to lay out on to the left and right of the picture.

They had the cutest sitting areas outside, I'm obsessed with the string lights and thought it was such a cute vibe. 

We were actually on the 4th floor and I took this picture from the deck on the 10th floor, we got a room with a balcony but sadly the palm trees at the bottom of the picture blocked our view from the ocean. I can't complain though because we were able to walk right onto the sand from our hotel. 

Our hotel had lounge chairs and umbrellas they set up every morning for the guests at the hotel. I thought this was super nice since you didn't have to worry about lugging chairs and towels down and there was no extra charge. 

So we drove over Friday afternoon after we both got off work and just ran through McDonald's that night because we were trying to get there as quick as we could. The next morning we went to the Front Porch Cafe, this was another Instagram find and it was so, so good! 

There was about a 45 minute wait but it was worth it. He got the French toast and I got chocolate chip waffles. 

We were out exploring and shopping a lot so we actually skipped lunch and just got dinner this night. We wanted to go to this steakhouse called STK but didn't realize it was reservation only so we ended up getting Shake Shack delivered to the hotel room, haha. We don't have one near us and had never tried it before but it was also really good. 

We also ate at Tasty Beach Cafe and I have to say I HIGHLY recommend their Cinnamon Toast Crunch French toast. He got the fruity pebbles pancakes with white chocolate chips and also said those were really good too. 


The main reason we went to Miami was because he wanted to go to the stores like Round Two and Kith. We also went to the Design District which is filled with a ton of high-end designer stores. Also the Aventura mall is huge, I think that's easily the biggest mall I've ever been to. 

Overall we had a fun time there and definitely want to go back, just maybe during the cooler months because it was so hot out, there were also a couple places that were closed due to the virus so we still have other places we would both like to visit. I think we will probably plan another weekend trip like this sometime next year!

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