Hey guys, so on my last post I shared that I got engaged on our trip to Vegas so I thought I would share about our trip there and what else we did. We were there a total of 4 days and did so much but we definitely didn't get to everything that was on our list. Perfect excuse to come back again!

When we first landed and made our way over to the hotel we checked in and then went straight to the casino. We stayed at Caesar's Palace which was INCREDIBLE. We've never stayed in a hotel anything like it. Of course it had the casino all throughout the main floor but it also had a full mall with about 20 different restaurants in it too. You could come to Vegas and stay at this hotel and spend the whole trip just at the hotel if you wanted to. 

We also explored around Fashion Show Mall and went to Urban Necessities which is a very popular shoe store owned by one of John's favorite YouTubers. He was super cool and we spent some time looking around at the different shoes he had for sale. 

One of the most important things on our list of things we wanted to do was eat at Hell's Kitchen. We made reservations for dinner for the first night we were there and it was amazing. It was such a cool experience and the food was so good! John ordered the signature Beef Wellington and I ordered the Filet Mignon with the side of mac and cheese. We also ordered the pan-seared scallops for an appetizer but I didn't get a picture of those. I highly recommend coming here if you are a fan of the show! When we come back to Vegas for a future trip this will be a must again for us. 

The next morning we got a late breakfast at Cafe Americano, which was a restaurant right inside the hotel. The time zone difference definitely took a toll on us and took a little bit to get adjusted too. By the time I felt fully adjusted we were heading back to the airport to come home to Tampa. We definitely were not prepared for how expensive all of the food was going to be. We knew Hell's Kitchen would be pricier of course but the breakfast in the picture above was just over $100. Everything we ate was REALLY good so that of course made it better but we easily spent more on food than anything else on the trip including the hotel and the flights. 

Also little did I know this would be the day I would be getting engaged! If you can't tell I'm still super excited about it haha. 

After breakfast we headed over to the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop (from the Pawn Stars show). This was also really cool to see in person after watching the show for years. We had just missed Rick and Chumlee who had stopped by earlier that morning but it was still really cool. We also went next door to Chumlee's Candy Shop. Rick also has a barbecue restaurant next door as well but we had just ate breakfast so we didn't eat here. We also went down to the Toy Shack which is about a 10 minute walk from them, they are featured on the show from time to time so we wanted to see there store front too. 

After this we attempted to go to the Valley of Fire state park and we did make it there however we never got out of the car. Since we had never been to Vegas before we decided using an Uber would be a lot easier and also a lot cheaper than renting a car. What we didn't realize was this state park has zero cell phone service. So we drove there and got to the entrance to pay for the fee and the guy working there told us it would be a 9 mile walk to the other side of the park before we would have cell phone service which we needed to get an Uber ride back. We asked the Uber driver who brought us there if we could pay her to wait 20-30 minutes so we could at least see it and walk around a little bit but she had to get back home so we just had to turn back around and go home. When we go back we will definitely rent a car for one day or at least a few hours so that we can explore the park because the pictures I've seen look incredible!

We went to Carmine's for dinner, this was another restaurant located in our hotel. They only have a few locations so if you are not familiar with them they serve everything family style meaning we ordered a massive bowl of Bolognese and 9 pieces of garlic bread for just the two of us lol. It was so so good! Definitely recommend especially if you are traveling with family or another couple to help with all of the extra food. 

After dinner we went back to the hotel room and John told me we should go take a nice picture dressed up in-front of the Bellagio fountain. I thought this was a little odd because I'm normally the one asking to the a picture but I wasn't completely on to him yet. He proposed shortly after I took this picture. He actually wanted to do it in-front of the fountain but didn't realize how popular the fountain show is and I'm not a lover of tons of attention so he actually proposed in our hotel room with just the two of us which was PERFECT.  

I did snap a picture of my ring in-front of the fountain the next day while we we're walking the strip. One of many pictures I took of my hand lol.  

Quick selfie outside of the Hershey's World after I destroyed a s'mores from their little s'mores bar inside. 

Well worth the $12 we spent on it! 

We also walked around M&M world and a few other stores on the strip. We of course had to get the typical touristy pictures everywhere. Our fridge is also filled with tons of different magnets now too. 

The last day we had to be at the airport at 1:00pm so we spent time doing stuff at our hotel. We went down to the Casino for a while and played on the penny slots. John also played blackjack for a little bit and then we walked around the mall area before heading to the airport to fly back home. 

Overall I would say it was a super fun trip, we both had a lot of fun and said we want to come back. We will definitely be more prepared for the cost of food here next time but it was all worth it. We loved staying at Caesars Palace but I think next time we will stay at a different hotel just to experience a different spot on the strip. 

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